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Raspberry & rosella jam

Raspberry & rosella jam

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We think this jam showcases both the fabulous raspberries from Woori Yallock Farm in the Yarra Valley and the delightful flavour of rosella, a native hibiscus growing wild across the top end of Australia. 

Rosellas have a tart berry and rhubarb taste. This fruit is high in antioxidants, the plants were used for food and medicinal purposed by Aboriginal Australians, who traditionally used the fibre from the bark to make dilli bags, twine and hunting nets.

We're really proud of this one as it was a team effort! A big thanks to the crew at Melbourne Farmers Markets who connected us with the oversupply of raspberries from Woori Yallock Farm through their new MFM Depot service.

Made in the STREAT Collingwood kitchen from 100% Australian ingredients.   

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